MacKenzie Gathering

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MacKenzie Clan Gathering 2000 ~ Castle Leod ~ Strathpeffer, Scotland

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It was a floating restaurant.)
It's a bloomin' thistle!
tp8040196.jpg (53965 bytes)
'It's this big.'
tp8040197.jpg (58236 bytes)
'And it's over there.'
tp8040198.jpg (62949 bytes)
Dinner on the River Clyde
tp8040199.jpg (34911 bytes)
Jim & Sam & a red sleeve
tp8040200.jpg (40454 bytes)
Bridge over the river Clyde
tp8040201.jpg (38559 bytes)
Bridge over the river Clyde
tp8040202.jpg (34820 bytes)
Clydes Bank
tp8050203.jpg (28538 bytes)
Loch Lomand
tp8050204.jpg (51163 bytes)
Tree by Loch Lomand
tp8050205.jpg (28018 bytes)
Loch Lomand (from the bus)
tp8050206.jpg (24785 bytes)
Scottish mist on the window
tp8050207.jpg (29929 bytes)
On the way to Iona
tp8050208.jpg (31802 bytes)
Islands in the loch
The Book of Kells was started on the isle of Iona before Viking
raids mandated the moving of the work to the Kells Abbey in Ireland.
Iona Abbey

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