MacKenzie Gathering

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MacKenzie Clan Gathering 2000 ~ Castle Leod ~ Strathpeffer, Scotland

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tp8060224.jpg (29131 bytes)
Railway viaduct at Glenfinnan
tp8060225.jpg (68367 bytes)
Red berries
tp8060226.jpg (43830 bytes)
Scottish mist
tp8060227.jpg (58681 bytes)
Flowers on the Isle of Skye
tp8060228.jpg (120211 bytes)
More flowers on the Isle of Skye
tp8060229.jpg (101231 bytes)
Mary on the Isle of Skye
tp8060230.jpg (70334 bytes)
View from the Isle of Skye
tp8060231.jpg (81155 bytes)
Splendid view from the Isle of Skye
tp8060232.jpg (71795 bytes)
View from the Isle of Skye
tp8060233.jpg (84698 bytes)
Clydesdales pulling a waggon
tp8060234.jpg (82639 bytes)
There they go
tp8060235.jpg (81419 bytes)
Jamie, What an asset!
tp8060236.jpg (101514 bytes)
tp8060237.jpg (113127 bytes)
tp8060238.jpg (41541 bytes)
Wonderful pink flower

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